Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - Worbook #82155

Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - Worbook #82155
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Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - Worbook #82155

An essential companion to The Stranger, this WorkBook provides an easy way to review the material that's being studied. If something's not clear, you will find out through this process. Each chapter corresponds with the chapters in The Stranger, asking questions aimed at solidifying the key points as well as providing extra assignments to get the student into the Bible itself. Some question formats include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and true / false, with answers provided at the back of the book. This is an ideal resource for a home Bible study, Sunday School or Bible camp.

Whether you're reading The Stranger book on your own or teaching it, this WorkBook is a great way to increase comprehension!

Ideas for Using the WorkBook

In class: During the teaching session, stop at the end of every section and answer the questions at that point. It will only take a few minutes to complete the quiz and then check the answers. Use this option if:

•The student will not be able to do the WorkBook homework on his or her own time. Doing the WorkBook during class time will add another 3 to 5 hours to your overall study time.

•The student seems to have problems comprehending each lesson as you progress (not a very common problem). The WorkBook will be a double-check before you move on to new material.

•You are teaching a person who speaks English as a second language. In this case it is important to use the WorkBook to insure that the material is being fully understood.

As homework: This is the preferred method. Leave all WorkBook questions for the students to complete on their own at home. This will cause them to think through the material a second time while doing the questions. When you meet again, then review the answers to make sure they are correct. This will be the third time the material has been covered. We have found this to be very effective.


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